She was a butterfly, expanded wings, changing day by day.
The honey sings.
— Le Poodle

Le Poodle, born as Natalie Foucauld, was raised in South Florida since the age of three. Her parents are from Puerto Rico and Haiti and thus grew up in a very diverse household involving the sciences, arts, and music. She started writing poetry since the age of six years old and had been writing on and off through adulthood. She has an artistic background in visual arts, which was her major at the art high school A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. She then went off to college to study the sciences and now holds a doctorate degree. It was not until 2015 that Le Poodle decided to give in to her desire to learn guitar and dedicated months to the craft while also evolving her poetry into lyrics. She is more well known for finding the indie rock group, Cloud Solo, in Miami, Fl. Over the past years she has learned to play the guitar, bass, piano, and also taught her self to record and use a drum machine.


Today, Le Poodle is also trying to her find her style as a producer and solo artist. She writes with all of the tools she can possibly use and records herself either in her home or in friends’ studios. She now takes lessons on piano with famu graduate, Moses Talbot, and has a vocal coach, Esther Park (also known as the lead vocalist in the grammy winner band, jahfe. These mentors and friends aid her in really perfecting her craft as an artist. She has been told that she has a unique voice and writing style, and plans on releasing an EP in the second half of 2019. She uses traveling and life experiences as inspiration, and finds writing as a meditative and healing experience. Together, with her artistic background, she plans to release several visuals along with her concepts over time.